Can A Pressure Cooker Explode? Read 6 surprising & well-researched points

can a pressure cooker explode

Pressure cooker explosions have become a new threat to chef’s safety. And there are many thoughts about whether a pressure cooker can explode or not? So, to answer this question, we have brought for you this compact draft.

Have you ever wondered about a pressure cooker explosion? But, how can a pressure cooker explode?  Is it even possible for a pressure cooker to explode? This is what a person thinks while using a pressure cooker.  

Therefore, to make things easy for you, we will be discussing in detail whether a pressure cooker can explode or not and what you should do to avoid such circumstances.

Is it possible for a pressure cooker to explode?

A pressure cooker is not an easy gadget to operate. And, if used with negligence, it may become a threat to your life. Pressure cooker explosions are unknown to none. Any sane person knows that a pressure cooker is one of those gadgets that can explode on your stove if you show negligence.

The high temperature and pressure generated inside the pressure cooking pot make it vulnerable to the explosion, and a slight mistake by the chef can lead the cooking pot to explode in your kitchen.

It is also a stereotype that only manual or conventional pressure cookers explode, and we are good to use electric and modern-day pressure cookers with no threat of explosion. But, it will be criminal negligence if we consider an electric pressure cooker safe while using it lousily.

It must be kept in mind that no matter what type of pressure cooker you use, if the pressure pot is not in the right condition or you are using it in the wrong way, there are high chances of facing a pressure cooker explosion.

All in all, a pressure cooker can certainly explode if used with negligence.  And it is way more likely to happen than you think.

What are the causes for a pressure cooker to explode?

You may be wondering why on earth your pressure cooker exploded. People always ask for the reason for a pressure cooker to explode, and to be honest, numerous reasons can cause a pressure cooker to explode.

Some of them include overpressure, irregular temperature, lousy gauges, poor quality of the cooking pot, poorly fit lid, and in an electric pressure cooker; one of the most common reasons can be poor quality of power cords that cause the temperature and pressure to fluctuate.

If you’re still confused as to why a pressure cooker explodes, then here we have a detailed guide to help you understand everything about the causes of a pressure cooker explosion.

1. Lousy lid-locking can be the main reason for a pressure cooker explosion.

Lousy lid-locking

One of the most common reasons that can lead you to a pressure cooker explosion is lousy lid locking. It can either be a manufacturing fault or improper locking of the lid by the user. It is one of the most common things that lead you to a pressure cooker explosion.

In most cases, people don’t pay attention to detail while using a pressure cooking pot, and these minor mistakes lead to colossal devastation.

It is very rare that a pressure cooker comes up with a lousy lid-locking system. It only happens if you are using a low-standard cooker or your fate is not good. Almost all of the big pressure cooker manufacturers double-check their safety standards, and there are sporadic chances of your getting a poorly manufactured product.

So, if you want to avoid any mishap, then I will suggest you double-check your pressure cooker lid before putting it on the stovetop. Also, if you ever feel that you have a pressure cooker with a lousy lid-locking system, then make no delay in contacting your customer support.

Doing this will help you avoid any mishap related to your pressure cooker.

2. Poorly manufactured pressure gauge.

Poorly manufactured pressure gauge.

Today, most of the pressure comes up with built-in pressure and temperature gauges. It is one of the most helpful things that pressure cooker manufacturers have offered to their customers. With built-in pressure and temperature gauges, it becomes easy for the user to operate the pressure cooker finely.

But, on the other hand, these pressure and temperature gauges can be the reason for your pressure cooker to explode. If you use a pressure cooker for a long time, then there are probabilities that your pressure cooking pot’s gauge may start to malfunction. And this can lead to an explosion.

A pressure cooker with a lousy pressure gauge will never display the cooker’s right pressure, which may lead the pot to explode. This is the most common reason for electric pressure cooker explosions.

This is certain that a pressure cooker can explode, but to avoid this, the least you can do is to keep a check on your cooker’s pressure and temperature gauge.

3. Blocked vents: A major cause for pressure cooker explosion.

Blocked vents

We all know how important vents are for a pressure cooking pot. This is the only way for a pressure cooker to release and maintain its inner pressure. But, people do not understand that these vents may get blocked due to fat and oil released through steam while you cook food.

So, it is essential to clean the vents of your pressure cooker after using them. But, ironically, most of them do not give attention to this part of our pressure cooker pots. And due to this minor mistake, it is possible that you may witness a pressure cooker explosion.

So, if you ever wondered why your pressure cooker exploded even if everything was up to the mark, then closed vents can be the reason. Most of us do not consider cleaning vents as important as cleaning the pot, which is why most pressure cooker explosions occur.

4. Will poor functioning of the timer be a reason for a pressure cooker explosion?

If you have ever witnessed an electric pressure cooker explosion, then there is a probability that the explosion was due to the timer issue. We might not know, but a lousy timer is one of the main reasons for a pressure cooker explosion.

Suppose you have set a time for your pressure cooker to cook food, but due to the lousy timer, the pressure cooker either overcooks or turns off before the due time. In the latter case, there is no issue, but if the time extends beyond the set time, this may lead to an explosion.

5. Unprofessional use of pressure cooker.

The most common reason that you will witness a pressure cooker explosion is that you leave the pressure cooker at the mercy of an unprofessional. Using a pressure cooker is not an easy nut to crack, and not everyone is destined to use it ideally.

So, if your pressure cooker is up to the mark and has no such issues that can lead to an explosion, then certainly the issue is with the chef. Most of the explosions occur because the chef has no idea about using a pressure cooker.

It may be due to overpressure, over-temperature, improper lid locking, or anything that an amateur does not know about. So, if there was a pressure cooker explosion with no issues with the pressure cooker, then you need to change the cook.

6. Poor manufacturing leads most of the pressure cookers to explode.

One of the most common mistakes that most users make is that they usually compromise on the built quality of the pressure cooker. In today’s world, everyone looks for futuristic designs and modern looks, and due to it, quality is sometimes compromised.

And, this is why we witness pressure cooker explosions. The design of a pressure cooker certainly matters a lot, but one must not forget to keep a sharp eye on the built quality and durability of the pressure cooker.

Doing this will not only save you hundreds of dollars, but it will play a vital role in ensuring your safety.

What precautions should you take to avoid a pressure cooker explosion?

We can certainly do nothing during a pressure cooker explosion. And now, when you know that a pressure cooker can explode, then there are some precautions that you must take to put an extra shield on your safety.

1. Have a routine check of your pressure cooker?

Can A Pressure Cooker Explode? Read 6 surprising & well-researched points

We know that this may sound a bit weird, but if you are using your pressure cooker regularly, then an inspection before usage is as important as the inspection of an aircraft before every flight. This is something that will help you understand your pressure pot in a better way.

Along with it, doing an inspection before usage will help you understand more about your pot, and it will allow you to cook better while using your pressure cooker. Moreover, if you keep a daily check on your pressure cooker, there are negligible chances of facing a pressure cooker explosion.

So, if my words matter, then you must check your pressure cooker before every single use.

2. Avoid using an old and lousy pressure cooker?

old pressure cooker

Like every cooking product, pressure cookers also have a particular lifespan, and if you test them beyond their limits, then there are high chances of you being the victim of a pressure pot explosion.

And, this is why we are suggesting you not to use old and lousy pressure cookers in your kitchen. Those pressure cookers are nothing but a threat to your safety. So, if you care for yourself and your loved ones, then it will be better for you to replace your pressure cooker whenever it is required.

It will help you avoid any sort of mishap.

3. Never ever overpressure your pressure pot.

I do not know why but people love to hear the pressure cooker whistles. Some people never turn off the stove until and unless they hear at least two to three whistles, and this can be dangerous on some occasions.

So, if you want to avoid your pressure cooker from exploding, then we will suggest you check it when it whistles first. No matter how experienced you are, life is not a piece of cake, and playing with a pressure cooking pot is not a good thing to do.

Therefore, it will be better for you not to overpressure your pressure cooker.

4. Never use a pressure cooker if you are an amateur.

In 2019, a total of $51.48 million were spent on pressure cookers by US consumers. This portrayed a 16% hike if compared with the statistics of 2010. The vital thing to note is that the number of cases related to pressure cooker explosions has also increased drastically.

The reason behind it is the poor quality of the pots, but the main reason was that the pressure cookers were operated by amateurs. This made things clear that if you are an amateur, then it is never suggested for you to operate a pressure cooker without the proper guidelines of an expert.

Hence, if you want to avoid facing any pressure cooker-related explosion, do not operate it if you are a beginner.

To what extent can a pressure cooker explosion be hazardous for you?

Once you know that a pressure cooker can explode, the most common thing you ask is what kind of injuries we will face if we witness a pressure cooker explosion. Many things can happen to you, but I have come up with some of the most common injuries that you may face.

1. Loss of sight is one of the major threats during a pressure cooker explosion.

If you witness a pressure cooker explosion closely, then the worst that can happen to you is loss of eyesight. Your eyes are the most vulnerable part of your body, and during a pressure cooker explosion, there are high chances of you losing your vision.

2. Burning is one of the most common threats to witness during a pressure pot explosion.

Something that you will imagine while hearing about a pressure cooker explosion is burning. It is something that you will experience during a pressure cooker explosion. Rarely anyone survived a pressure cooker explosion without burying themselves.

So, the most common thing that will happen to you during a pressure cooker explosion is the burning of your body parts.

3. Disfigurement of body parts especially the face.

Here comes the most horrific injury that you can witness during a pressure cooker explosion. During a pressure cooker explosion, the worst anyone can think of is the disfigurement of body parts, especially the face. It happens when some parts of the exploded pressure cooker hit your face.

This can be a deadly injury, too, if the broken part hits the head. So, something that will affect you the most during a pressure pot explosion is the disfigurement of your face.

4. Disability for life: A rare injury faced during pressure pot Explosion

A pressure cooker explosion is inevitable if you do not take care of your cooking gadgets. But, something that can be worse than it is a disability for life due to a pressure cooker explosion.

There are various cases where people have lost their vital organs due to such explosions, and to help you avoid such mishaps, we are working hard to enrich you with compact knowledge. So, it will be better for you to take better care of your cooking pot to avoid such circumstances.

Pressure cooker explosion lawsuit: A way to protect your rights.

We can do nothing once the pressure cooker has been exploded. But, to safeguard your rights, we have the opportunity to file a lawsuit if the mistake was at the end of another party. It is one of the only ways that you are left with when you have been through a pressure cooker explosion.

A pressure cooker explosion is something that is increasing day after day. And following this in the United States of America, people have started to file hundreds of thousands of lawsuits against various brands to claim their rights.

Doing this will help you gain your right legally, but it will also help you get better financially as the state law binds the pressure cooker manufacturers to compensate for the loss of the user.

So, if, unfortunately, you have been through such an accident, then there is no better option than a lawsuit against the responsible brand.

Some FAQs

Even if you have been through the article finely, there will always be some questions that demand an answer. And, to answer those questions, we have brought for you a brief yet compact set of Frequently Asked Questions about pressure cooker explosions.

1. Can an empty pressure cooker explode?

There is no such case reported about an empty pressure cooker explosion. But, the possibilities of it cannot be ruled out. Though it is thought that an empty pressure cannot explode as it will not generate pressure because there is nothing inside.

But, many experts have concluded that due to heat generation, kinetic energy among air particles, and friction generated by them, there are chances of an empty pressure cooker explosion if it is kept on fire for a long time.

So, we will suggest that you do not try this at home.

2. Can you survive a pressure cooker explosion?

Certainly, you can survive a pressure cooker explosion. We admit that people have died due to pressure cooker explosions, but it only happens in rare cases.

Most of the time, it is possible that you will only witness some minor or major injuries due to a pressure cooker explosion, but death is not something that happens every time a pressure cooker explodes.

So, if you have a fear that you will die of a pressure cooker explosion, then you are good to rule that threat out of your mind as there are negligible chances of death from a pressure cooker explosion.

3. What measure should you take after a pressure pot explosion?

As a medical expert, I will ask you to get first aid as soon as possible. If you live in the United States of America, then the first thing you need to do is call 911. And, until help arrives, try to do your first aid. Along with it, you need to check if there is any fire or not.

If the explosion has caused the fire in the kitchen, try to extinguish it first.

Look for the weak points and search if you have been through any severe injury. It is very necessary to inspect yourself to take precautions accordingly if help is not available.

Always keep a burn tube in your first aid kit and apply it where it is necessary. It will not be enough, but it will help you to avoid any big injury.

So, if you are alone at home and there are no chances of help to arrive, then doing your own first aid will help you avoid big devastation.

4. Can an electric pressure cooker explode?

One of the most asked questions is that, like an ordinary pressure cooker, can an electric pressure cooker explode too? The answer to this question is yes. Any pressure cooker that is being abused can explode. Whether you have an electric pressure cooker, if you are using it the wrong way, it will explode for sure.

So, if you want to avoid any mishap, then kindly keep a good check on your pressure cooker and use it with ultimate care.


To conclude things, it will be fine to say that you will find a compact answer to your question about whether a pressure cooker can explode or not. Here we have brought you a compact guide that will allow you to know everything about a pressure cooker explosion.

Whether it is precautions to avoid a pressure cooker explosion or the measures to take after an explosion, you will find everything in this article. But, if you still feel any issue to answer your question, feel free to reach us out.

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