Are Pressure Cookers Safe? You’ll love this guide

Are Pressure Cookers Safe?

Pressure cookers are one of the essential kitchen accessories. However, are pressure cooker safe to use?

There are a lot of concerns that people have while using a pressure cooker. And, sometimes, due to these safety concerns, most people avoid using pressure cookers.

So, if you are one of those having safety concerns about pressure cookers, then this article is written only for you. Reading this article to the end will allow you to get rid of all of your fears and concerns about using a pressure cooker.

Follow this article religiously to find your way to a safe pressure cooking journey.

What creates safety concerns about pressure cookers?

Before moving ahead, we need to clarify the most common yet essential things that people fear while using a pressure cooker. Hence, below, we have listed two major concerns people have while betting on a pressure cooker.

1. People fear pressure cooker explosions.

The thing that a beginner fears about a pressure cooker is an explosion. Even some of the professionals also fear pressure cooker explosions. But do pressure cookers really explode this much? Are they not safe to use?

To briefly answer these questions, we may say that pressure cookers do explode, but today, due to impressive safety features introduced by various pressure cooker manufacturers, the chances of the explosion have been reduced by 80% compared to conventional cookers.

2. Intense pressure and steam release: A thing people concern while using a pressure cooker

Intense steam release
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Another thing that people fear about the pressure cooker is its sudden and intense pressure and steam release. During the last decade, thousands of burning cases have been recorded due to steam release from a pressure cooker.

 But, things are not what they look like. Though a pressure cooker releases sudden pressure and steam, yet it’s not the main threat to people’s safety. The reason why we have witnessed so many burning cases is because of irresponsible behavior.

Most people stand too close to their pressure cookers while cooking, and with no idea of steam release, they put them in a vulnerable position. And, this leads to increasing burning cases due to steam release from the pressure cooker.

So, it’s not the pressure cooker that causes people to burn, but it is the irresponsible behavior of people that leads them to injuries due to pressure cooker steam release.

Different pressure cookers type and their safety

There are thousands of pressure cookers available in the market. Some of them are good, and some are not. And, to let you know about the safety features of various types of pressure cookers, we have come up with their reviews.

These reviews will allow you to know about different types of pressure cookers and safety concerns related to them.

1. Electric pressure cooker

electric pressure cooker

Electric pressure cookers are one of the safest pressure cookers available on the face of this earth. They hardly explode and are energy-efficient. They are equipped with high-end safety features, and above all, they are pretty easy to operate.

Today, most households use electric pressure cookers due to the safety they offer. The best thing that an electric pressure cooker provides is its large display that allows you to keep an eye on pressure and temperature.

Along with it, the auto shut-off feature of an electric pressure cooker is second to none. It allows you to reduce the chances of explosion by 70 to 80 percent. 

All in all, an electric pressure cooker can be termed as one of the most useful and safest pressure cookers that you will ever use.

2. Conventional pressure cooker

Conventional pressure cooker

Even today, there are a lot of people who love to bet on conventional pressure cooking pots. Though they are not the safest version of a pressure cooker, yet they offer fast cooking. 

And this is the reason why still some people do not dare to shift from a conventional pressure cooker. Also, it is not true that all of the traditional pressure cookers explode quickly. It’s never the cooker that explodes. It’s the user that leads the cooker to explode.

So, we cannot say that conventional cookers are not safe to use. Indeed, they are not as safe as an electric pressure cooker. But, it must not go without mentioning that even an electric pressure cooker can explode if not utilized with care.

So, if you were stereotyping that conventional cookers are prone to explosion, then always keep in mind that a cooker will never explode unless and until it’s been misused. Or there may be some issues leading the pressure cooker to explode.

3. Induction compatible pressure cooker

Induction compatible pressure cooker

These pressure cookers are among the most efficient, fast, yet most dangerous ones to use. If you are not an expert, then it is never suggested to use an induction-compatible pressure cooker. 

An induction-compatible pressure cooker cooks way faster than any ordinary pressure cooker. It generates more pressure and temperature, and if not used with care, it can explode for sure. 

So, if you want to know which type of pressure cooker is most likely to explode, we think you have got your answer. 

But, we do not mean to say that induction compatible pressure cookers are not suitable to keep in your kitchen. If you are a professional and know every single detail about your pressure cooker, then there can be nothing better than an induction-compatible pressure cooker.

Final Verdict

All in all, a pressure cooker type is not the gauge that measures the safety that it offers. It is the person that is operating the pressure cooking pot. 

Even the safest pressure cooker can explode if misused, and a loose pressure cooker can perform well if taken care of properly. So, you see, a person is responsible for a pressure cooker explosion and not a pressure cooker.

Futuristic safety features reducing concerns about pressure cookers

Futuristic safety features about pressure cookers

If you have studied even a bit about pressure cookers, then you must know how well they have worked on their safety features. Today, all of the pressure cookers available in the market come up with 10+ built-in safety features that enhance your safety in the kitchen. 

Below, we’ve listed some of the most common modernistic features that a pressure cooker offers.

1. Impressive lid-locking system

One of the most important and unique things that modern-day pressure cookers are offering is safety lid locking. Unlike conventional pressure cookers, all of the modern-day pressure cookers come with safety lid locking.

The benefit of having a safety lid-locking feature is that it does not allow you to turn on the pressure cooker if the lid has not been appropriately locked. Similarly, this feature will never let you open the lid when the cooker is on heat.

People may or may not understand the importance of this fantastic feature, but a safe lid-locking feature is one of the best features that today’s pressure cookers are offering to their users. 

2. Pressure and temperature alert

Pressure and temperature alert

If you have ever used an electric pressure cooker, then you must know that it alerts you about pressure and temperature. Modern-day pressure cookers are built with AI, which helps them introduce the user to any possible threat.

So, if you hear a pressure or temperature beep while using a pressure cooker, then it’s time to adjust the temperature to stay safe. This is one of the best features that a pressure cooker has ever introduced. 

3. Auto turn-off mechanism 

Most people do not know, but today, most pressure cookers come up with an auto turn-off mechanism. It is one of the most important features that allow you to stay safe while cooking using a pressure cooker.

Most of the time we are busy with other things and forget to turn off the cooker on time. And, this leads to either explosion or burning of your food. 

So, to avoid such mishaps, the modern-day pressure cooker manufacturers have come up with an auto turn-off mechanism that allows your pressure cooker to turn off and release all of the access pressure once the food is ready.

It not only helps you enhance your safety in the kitchen but also secures your food from burning.

4. Automatic pressure control

The most important and amazing feature that some of the pressure cooker manufacturers are offering today is the automatic pressure control feature. 

Most of the time, the pressure cooker needs pressure adjustment during cooking. This happens when we are cooking on an induction top. And, it has been witnessed due to lack of care to pressure adjustments, people have witnessed several mishaps. 

It may be the burning of food or a pressure cooker explosion.

So, this way today, modernistic pressure cooker manufacturers are offering an automatic pressure control mechanism that allows your cooker to adjust pressure as per the requirement. So, now you need not to worry about pressure adjustment while cooking.

All of the features mentioned above are pretty impressive and life-saving. And, we are sure that after going through these features, your fear of cooking with a pressure cooker might have gone up in smoke. 

What aggravates safety concerns while using a pressure cooker?

There’re a lot of things that contribute to the lousy working of a pressure cooker, leading to an explosion. And below, we have mentioned some of the most common reasons that aggrandizers safety concerns while using a pressure cooker.

1. Over-filling the cooking pot

One of the major reasons leading to a pressure cooker explosion is overfilling of the pot. People usually overfill the pressure cooker to accommodate more space for food. And, this, in the end, results in a pressure cooker explosion. 

A pressure cooker generates intense pressure and heat inside the pot, and it requires some space to roam around the pot to cook delicious food for you. But, when you overfill the pot, the pressure inside the pot has no option but to release through the safety valve, and when that little valve doesn’t work correctly, it leads to an explosion.

Such explosions may lead to severe injuries, and in rare cases, a pressure cooker explosion can also result in the death of the user. 

So, do never overfill the pressure cooker if you want to avoid such mishaps.

2. Pressure frying

Do never try to pressure fry at home using a pressure cooker.

It’s the most common reason that leads to pressure cooker explosions, and such explosions cause severe injuries. Pressure cookers are not made for pressure frying, and doing so may cause you a human life.

Oil, when compared to water, generates more heat and pressure when boiled, and the pressure cooker gasket is not meant to bear such intense heat. So, doing so will affect the gasket of your pressure cooker, leading to either malfunctioning or an explosion in the worst case.

So, to secure yourself from such a mishap, avoid pressure frying using a pressure cooker.

3. Lousy lids

The reason responsible for most of the pressure cooker explosions is lousy lids. We’ve been using our pressure cooker for years, but is it good enough to perform well? Pressure cookers are meant to be long-lasting, but their lids may stop working that efficiently.

And, if you own a pressure cooker with a lousy lid, it may lead you to big devastation. An improper lid can lead the pressure to exit through the lid, and if this continues, it will lead you to an explosion. 

So, before using a pressure cooker, ensure to check its lid.

4. Improper way of use

In most cases, it is not the pressure cooker that leads to an explosion, but the user causes the pressure cooking pot to explode. 

Most of us do not know how to use a pressure cooker properly, and this causes mishaps. So, if you want to use a pressure cooker, we suggest and request you to learn how to properly use a pressure cooker and then enter the kitchen.

Not doing so won’t only result in poor quality of food, but in intense cases, it may lead you to severe injuries due to pressure cooker explosion.


There’re many questions that have been answered above, but there are still some questions that need their solution. And, to answer those questions, we have brought for you some of the most asked questions about pressure cookers and their safety.

1. Can a pressure cooker explode?

Certainly, a pressure cooker can explode.

There’re a lot of reasons behind it. It may be due to improper usage of the pressure cooker, overpressure, lousy pot, or overfilling of food. All in all, a pressure cooker can explode if not used properly.

2. Are pressure cookers safe to be used by beginners?

Yes, pressure cookers are fine to be used by beginners.

There are a lot of modern-day cookers that are crafted especially for beginners. And they are designed in a way that, just by reading the manual, an amateur can easily operate a pressure cooker. So, if you are a beginner and want to use a pressure cooker, then search for a pressure cooker that is designed for beginners.

3. Are electric pressure cookers much safer than ordinary pots?

There’s no doubt that electric pressure cookers are much safer than conventional pressure cookers. They come up with a lot of safety features, including anti-burn, pressure indicator, safety lid locking, and many more.

And, these features help a user use the pressure cooker quite easily.

4. Is our stainless steel pressure cooker safe?

Stainless steel pressure cookers are one of the safest pressure cookers available in the market. They can bear intense heat, they last long, and they do not explode easily. In short, stainless steel pressure cookers are the safest pressure cookers available in the market.

5. Are pressure cooker air fryers safe?

Most of the pressure cooker manufacturers are introducing pressure cookers with air fryers. And people are concerned about their safety.

So, to clarify all doubts, it is fine to say that pressure cookers with air fryers are safe to use. They come up with 13+ safety features that enhance user safety in the kitchen and allow you to cook without fear.


There’re a lot of doubts about the safety of pressure cookers. Most people still ask, “Are pressure cooker safe? But, if you have been through this article, then you must know what pressure cookers are safe and whatnot. And what makes a pressure cooker safer than others?

Above, we have mentioned everything that you needed to know about pressure cooker safety. But, if there is any question that remains unanswered, then do let us know. We will love to resolve your queries.

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