Are Pressure Cookers and Instant Pots the same? The latest guide

Are Pressure Cookers and Instant Pots the same?

You must have seen people saying their ordinary pressure cooker is an instant pot, and this might have compelled you to think that are pressure cookers and instant pots the same?

It is something that most pressure cooker users do not know about. We have been using instant pots and pressure cookers for years, but we still do not know how different they are and why we should not call an instant pot a pressure cooker.

So, to clear things up, we have come up with this amazingly crafted article that will help you understand how different an Instant Pot and an ordinary pressure cooker are. 

Below you will be enriched with an ultimate guide about a pressure cooker and an instant pot.

Are pressure cookers and instant pots the same thing?

Are pressure cookers and instant pots the same thing?

To some extent, we can say that Instant Pot and pressure cookers are the same, but if you are going to categorize them entirely the same, it would be unfair to Instant Pot.

Instant Pot is surely a pressure cooker, but not all pressure cookers are instant pots.

In simple terms, Instant Pot is a pressure cooker manufacturing brand that has become so popular over time that people have started to name every pressure cooker as instant Pot.

It is the same thing as, in the early 20th century, people started to name every soft drink as coke.

But, if you’re here reading this article, then I am sure that you will never repeat the mistake of calling a conventional pressure cooker an Instant Pot.

Both of them are finely different things.

Are electric pressure cookers and instant pots the same thing?

If you have been studying pressure cookers and instant pots, then you must have been through the question: are electric pressure cookers and instant pots the same?

The answer to this question is also similar to the previous one.

To answer briefly, we can say that all instant pots are electric cookers, but not all electric pressure cookers are instant pots.

Instant pots are made for electric usage, and they can never be used on stovetops. But, not all of the electric cookers are instant pots because there are also other brands that manufacture electric cookers, and we can never name them instant pots.

So, you can simply say that instant pots are certainly electric pressure cookers but not every single electric pressure cooking pot is an instant pot.

Major differences between a pressure cooker and an Instant pot

We know that you are not finely satisfied with a brief answer and need instructions in detail, so I have written a detailed guide that will allow you to separate an Instant pot from an ordinary pressure cooking pot.

1. Instant Pot: A brand that manufactures high-end pressure cookers.

instant pot brand

Something that you need to know at the very first is that Instant Pot is a pressure cooker manufacturing brand.

It is one of the top-rated pressure cooker manufacturers that has been providing amazingly designed and modernistic pressure cookers throughout the world. And, this is why people sometimes confuse all of the pressure cookers as instant pots.

But, you know that you need to make things clear and never call a normal pressure cooker and Instant Pot as they are heartily different things.

2. Instant Pot cooks faster than a conventional pressure cooker?

fast cooking functionality of instant pot

People who have been using instant pots know that this is one of the fastest cooking pressure cooker manufacturing brands.

For instance, most of their pressure cookers cook 70% faster than a conventional pressure cooker, and this is what separates instant Pot from a conventional pressure cooker.

And, this is one of the most important reasons why instant Pot has been standing firm in the pressure cooking market.

3. Multi-functional cooking Vs. pressure cooking

 Multi-functional cooking Vs. pressure cooking

Here we have one of the biggest differences between an instant pot and a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker is designed for pressure cooking only, but on the other hand, an Instant pot can perform as low as seven cooking tasks with just one click.

And, this is why people prefer instant Pot over a conventional and orthodox pressure cooking pot.

With an instant pot at your home, you can enjoy cooking with various methods with just a single touch.

So, if you have been wondering why people prefer Instant Pots so much, here we have the reason.

4. Instant Pot preserves nutrients.

While cooking in a pressure cooker, one of the biggest fears is that it will devastate the nutrients of your food, and that’s why most people avoid using a pressure cooker.

But, if you have an instant pot, you need not to worry about your food’s nutrients. Instant pots are designed in a way that no matter at what pressure and temperature you are cooking the food, its nutrients will be preserved well.

So, for me, the best thing about an instant pot and the biggest difference between an instant pot and a pressure cooker is that an instant pot preserves all the nutrients of your food while a conventional pressure cooking pot fails to do so.

And, this is why pressure cookers and instant pots are not the same.

Instant Pot 101: A must known guide

instant pot controls

As you know, almost every major thing that differentiates an instant pot and pressure cooker, and you’re thinking of getting an Instant Pot. Then we suggest you follow this 101 guide.

It will not only help you understand everything about an instant pot, but it will also enrich you with some of the best knowledge about an instant pot.

1. Are all instant pots pressure cookers?

This is something most of the buyers ask while getting a pressure cooker. And, the answer to this is no. Not all pressure cookers are instant pots, and in the same way, not all instant pots are pressure cookers.

Instant Pot is a pressure cooker manufacturing brand that also manufactures other kitchen appliances, and we cannot call all of them as pressure cookers. Just imagine how you will sound calling a pressure canner a pressure cooker.

We know it sounds weird. So, if you’re reading this article, then promise us that you will never ask such questions again.

2. Can a pressure cooker be called an Instant Pot?

Certainly, if the pressure cooker is manufactured by Instant Pot, then we can call it an instant pot. But, at this stage, you also know that we will never call any single pressure cooker an instant pot until and unless it has a brand tag of instant Pot.

So, it is clear that you can call a pressure cooker an Instant Pot, but you can never call any pressure cooker an instant pot.

3. Does Instant Pot really cook very fast?

There is no doubt that an instant pot cooks way faster than a conventional pressure cooker.

We have already briefly discussed that most Instant Pot cooks 70% faster than an ordinary pressure cooking pot. But, you’ll be surprised to know that even a slow cooker of Instant Pot can cook as much as 10% faster than an ordinary slow cooker.

So, it is certain that an instant pot can cook way faster than a regular pressure cooking machine.

4. Is an Instant Pot better than a pressure cooker?

It depends. There are a lot of pressure cooking pots that are better than Instant pots. But, generally, Instant pots are better than most of the pressure cooking pots available in the market.

So, we can say that Instant pots are better than pressure cookers.

But, this must not go without mentioning that Instant Pot is a brand and pressure cooker is not. So, you must not count them as one thing.

5. Why are all of the pressure cookers not Instant Pot?

There is nothing as simple as this question. The reason why all pressure cookers are not instant Pots is that Instant Pot does not make all of the pressure cookers available in the market.

Like all cars are not Ferrari; similarly, all pressure cookers are not instant pots. There are a lot of pressure cooker manufacturing brands in the market, and instant Pot cannot take responsibility for all of them.

It is very simple.

Why should you choose an Instant pot over a pressure cooker?

Here comes one of the most asked things about an instant pot. Most people ask why they should bet on instant pots when they can get similar products way cheaper.

So, for those people, we have come up with a detailed comparison guide that will allow you to understand why you should choose instant pot over other pressure cooker manufacturing brands.

Hence, give this guide a proper read to find answers to your questions.

1. Futuristic designs: A perfect fit for modern kitchens

Futuristic design of instant pot

In today’s world, an old conventional pot will never suit any kitchen. No matter how good it cooks, if it looks horribly old, then no one would bet on it. And, this is where Instant Pot comes to the rescue.

Other pressure cooker manufacturers may offer quality, durability, and dependency, but the extra thing instant pot offers is its futuristic design. It is something that not every pressure cooker manufacturer can offer.

So, the difference instant pot provides is that along with all other features of an amazing pressure cooker, an instant pot comes up with unique futuristic designs.

2. Technological supremacy: Like nothing else

advance tech of instant pot

Secondly, if you are thinking that why these guys are promoting instant Pot so much is because it offers high-end technological services.

At least for me, there is no better pressure cooker manufacturer who is as good as instant Pot when we talk about technology.

When it comes to uniqueness and technological advancement, instant Pot never hesitates to step forward. No matter what kind of advancement it is, instant Pot always prefers to provide its users with the best possible pressure cookers.

And, this is why an instant pot takes the lead over a conventional pressure cooking pot.

3. It takes less time to cook: Making life easy.

As of now, we all know that instant Pot cooks way quicker than an ordinary pot, so there is no point in clarifying how good instant pot is in this field.

It has the ability to cook 70% faster than conventional cookers, and this all happens while retaining the nutrients and natural taste of your food.

So, for me, this is one of the best reasons why I prefer an instant pot over a regular pressure cooker.

4. You need not to put in the extra effort.

The reason why Instant Pot is preferred so much is that it provides ease of work to its user. Unlike an ordinary pressure cooker, you need not put extra effort while cooking with an instant pot.

Everything in an instant pot is preprogrammed, and you just need to click some buttons as per your need, and the rest will be done by Instant Pot.

And, I guess this is the reason why we hear so much about Instant Pot as compared to other brands.

5. Equipped with high-end safety features

high-end safety features of instant pot

One of the major threats while using a pressure cooker is your safety. There are a lot of cases of pressure cooker explosions, leading to severe injuries and even deaths in rare cases. And this is the main reason why people fear using a pressure cooker.

But, if you own an instant pot, this is not something that you need to worry about.

An instant pot is equipped with high-end safety features that you will love while cooking. Whether it is safety lid locking, the auto-pressure release of anti-burn technology, instant Pot never fails to surprise.

So, for me, this is something that gives instant Pot an edge over ordinary pressure cookers.

Things that you must consider while buying either a pressure cooker or an instant pot

If you are reading this article to the end, then we know that you are in search of an amazing pressure cooking machine.

Now, it depends on whether you choose an ordinary pressure cooker or an instant pot, but if you are getting it after reading this article, then it’s our duty to provide you with a perfect buying guide before betting on a pressure pot.

Below, you will find an amazing guide to help you get a better pressure cooking pot.

1. Size of the Pot: A must-check thing.

The most important thing that you must never forget to check while getting a pressure cooker is the size of its inner Pot.

There are many pressure cookers that only offer the capacity to cook only for 2 to 3 people, and if you own a big family, then this is not the pressure cooker that you should get. No matter how good it is, if the pot size is not compatible, then it will be insane to bet on it.

So, if you are entering the digital market to get yourself a better pressure cooker, then we highly recommend putting the pot size as your priority.

Because if you compromise on the size of your pressure cooking pot, then you will end up cooking the same meal twice a day. And, this is something that you will never prefer. So, to avoid such things, ensure to check the pot capacity.

2. Safety features must not go unnoticed.

For me, there’s nothing more important than the safety features of a pressure cooking pot.

It is something that, if compromised, may lead you to huge devastation. And I will never suggest you compromise on the safety of yourself in the kitchen by using an ordinary pot.

There’s nothing more important than the safety of the user, and for this, you must give a strict check to the safety features that a pressure cooker offers.

And, for this, I will suggest you to bet on Instant Pot as there is no better pressure cooker than an instant pot when it comes to safety features. All of its products come up with 13+ safety features, and this is why they are standing firm in the market for so long.

All in all, there is nothing that comes before the safety of the user, and this is why you must never compromise on the safety features while getting any pressure cooker.

3. Non-stick Pot: A way to easy cooking

So, if you are looking for a pressure cooker and want to bet on the best one available, then I ask you never to compromise the non-stick quality of your pressure cooker.

It not only provides you easy cooking but it also allows you to enjoy burnt-free food. And, this is something that you will not find with any regular pressure cooker.

Along with it, the thing to check is how good the non-stick on the pressure cooker is. Nowadays, there are a lot of manufacturers who are providing non-stick cookers, but their quality is so bad that you will start hating it after just a single use.

So, for this, you should also depend on Instant Pot. It is something that will guarantee you ultimate quality and durability.

4. The durability of the Pot

Lastly, something that must not go unnoticed is the durability of the pressure cooking pot that you will be getting for your kitchen.

A pressure cooker is something that you do not get every single year, and you want it to last long. But, ironically, there are very few pressure cooking brands that offer such amazing durability.

And, this is why people end up wasting hundreds of dollars on useless products that stop performing well after some time.

So, whenever you are in the market to get a pressure cooker, you must look for its review for durability. If you get good reviews, then you are good to go. But, if there are doubts, then you must not bet on such products.

Doing this will help you avoid regretting your decision.


In summary, we are good to say that this article has a perfect guide to tell you whether pressure cookers and instant pots are the same or not.

It is one of those questions that go unanswered, or there are very few reliable sources to get an answer. And, this is why we’ve created this compact guide that has allowed you to know finely about the difference between a pressure cooker and an instant pot.

If you have been through the article finely, then you already know the answer, and if you are having any issues, then feel free to reach us out.

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